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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We answer all your questions here but if you have any other queries please contact us and one of our friendly team member will be pleased to help.

A: website is collection of news of many activities of Maharishi Organisations in India and abroad. Events to take place, articles on TM and Maharishi Vedic Science, articles on many different areas of life with Vedic Solutions, audio and video recordings of Maharishi Ji and other experts of Maharishi Vedic Science of Technology.

A: Yes, you may please email the articles on : email address in Hindi (Mangal, Unicode Font) or in English (Times New Roman Font) on any topic which will help individuals to raise the level of their life. It could be on Vedic science, spiritualism, social development, education, health, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, defense, law and order, business, economy, trade and commerce, international safety of citizens, environment, rehabilitation, happiness, music, dance, theater, entertainment and celebration etc. The Editorial Board will be free to edit the articles as per the norms of

A: Not more than two A4 paper size in single space, in 14 font size.

A: Yes, please send good quality 3-4 pics with each article. The Editorial Board will select the best pics to go with articles and will post on website and app.

A: Maharishi Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. will have copyright of all the articles. The writer will have send a declaration with the article that the article is his/her own original article and not copies from any where. The writers will also give right to Maharishi Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. to own the copyright of their articles.

A: For the time being, there is no provision of payment, but in due course of time, selected article writers will be paid some honorarium.

A: Yes, you can send audio or video clippings with proper title, in MP3/MP4 format through wetransfer to : email address. Any clipping should not be of more than 15 minutes.